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Accelerate Your Career: Our Proven Path to Top Sales Jobs


During our Consultation, we engage in detailed discussions to understand your career aspirations and preferences. Additionally, we carefully evaluate your resume to highlight your strengths and align them with suitable sales opportunities.

Interview Coordination

Once the candidate is ready, our team coordinates interviews with the client companies on their behalf. We handle all logistics, including scheduling, providing interview details, and following up with both the candidate and the client company to ensure a smooth process. After each interview, we collect feedback from both the candidate and the client company. We provide constructive feedback to the candidate to help them improve and iterate on their interview performance.

Resume Submission

Based on the candidate's preferences and qualifications, our team matches them with suitable sales job opportunities from our extensive network of client companies. We consider factors such as industry, company culture, compensation, and location to ensure a good fit.

Offer Negotiation & Onboarding Support

When the candidate receives an offer from a client company, our team assists with negotiation and contract review to ensure that the terms align with the candidate's expectations and career goals. Once the offer is accepted, we facilitate a smooth onboarding process to help the candidate transition into their new sales role seamlessly. Even after the candidate has been placed in a sales job, ReadyNow continues to provide support and guidance.

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